Xel Love

Babysitter / Nanny Referral:

When our small family traveled to Playa for an extended vacation, we knew we needed someone to help watch our 2 year old son. I posted on this page prior to our arrival and were so lucky to find the amazing Xel Love! I just wanted to post this for any families who might need help finding someone trusting, loving, and caring to help them fully enjoy their time in paradise. She showed up every day on time and now my American son has a deep love for cheese quesadillas that she would cook for him regularly. She was even willing to travel with us for trips to Cozumel and Isla Mujeres and referred her friends for days she wasn’t available. She is like a little babysitting business all by herself! You can see in this photo how much I was able to relax while she kept a careful eye on my son. Happy vacationing! 😊♥️

Sarah Marshiun